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I hadn't danced or moved in more years than I would like to count! I was extremely nervous, intimidated, and just stuck. I am so thankful to Amped Fitness by HDA, for not only offering these classes while I am already at the studio for my child but for also being welcoming, encouraging, and fun! These classes have changed me. It feels so good to feel strong again!

Emily Y.

I absolutely love Gina's Yoga class.  She has taught me how to breathe through the stretch so it's not so painful.  I look forward to our classes every week as I can feel myself getting stronger and stronger!!  I would recommend this class to anyone even if you have never done yoga before. Gina makes it super easy to follow and you always get a great workout.

Carolyn L.

The slow and controlled movements of Rebecca's Ballet Fit really target specific muscle areas and improve our posture, core, stamina, and overall strength and muscle tone. The class challenges us each week and we love the results that we see. We encourage everyone of any skill level to try the class. You will love it just as much as we do!

Lesa B. & Ashley L.

Two years ago I started aerial hammock as a way to keep fit, but soon I started learning from Sarah the beauty of it and how fun and fulfilling it was to take flight and dance in the air. I learned that in spite of my own perceived lack of training, I could do some beautiful things with an aerial hammock! Aerial dance has increased my strength, flexibility, and confidence so much since I started practicing.

Jennie H.

I thoroughly enjoy any type of fitness class Andrea Smith teaches. She is highly knowledgeable and skilled. She is very encouraging and challenges us to push our limits to reap great benefits. I have been training with her for over 8 years! Come join us—you will be blessed by her leadership, skills, knowledge, and encouraging demeanor.

Sherry B.

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