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What is the 'HDA' in Amped Fitness by HDA?

HDA stands for Hermitage Dance Academy! Although HDA began as strictly a dance studio for kids, we have evolved over the years to cater to the needs of the entire family — including Amped Fitness!

Do you offer childcare during group classes?

We don't offer childcare, but at HDA, we have lots of programs for children! And often you can find a class for your child happening at the same time as many of our fitness classes. For more information go to

Do you offer a trial class?

We do not do free trials, but you can pay a drop-in fee for any class that you would like to try. For a bargain and trial experience, you can try our $39 new member special  for unlimited classes for 30 days! This special allows you to try ALL the classes you would like and get an authentic feel for our studio's supportive, encouraging culture!

Is there a weight limit for Aerial?

There is no weight limit for practicing aerial.

How do I prepare for my first Aerial class?

By nature, aerial activity is risky. To mitigate risk, Amped Fitness consults with aerial suppliers, structural engineers, insurance agencies, and building managers to ensure our facility exceeds industry standards.

Please consider the following before attending class:


  • Remove jewelry and/or clothing with sharp edges and zippers. Silks can snag, which can compromise your safety.

  • Remove socks, and avoid applying lotions.

  • Avoid eating meals 90 minutes before class.

  • Form-fitting clothing is ideal for aerial, including high-cut shirts and leggings.

  • Aerial practice is not recommended for people with spine injuries, chronic illness, vertigo, sensitivity to motion sickness, heart problems, history of stroke, or pregnancy. 

  • If unsure if aerial is right for you, consult both Amped Fitness and your Physician before registration.

Can my child take a group class with me?

There is a great Family Zumba class on Saturday mornings that the whole family can enjoy together. There are also some kids Zumba classes available. We do not accept children under 18 unless approved by the studio/instructor. Bringing kids without prior approval may result in an additional charge.

Do you offer private sessions?

We have many offerings for custom fitness: 1:1 Coaching, Semi-Private Classes, Private Events; you name it! More information can be found here.

I have more questions!

Please email and we will help!

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